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What's the beta test?

By signing up to mIRCStats beta test you volunteer to test (possibly buggy) pre-releases of new mIRCStats versions. The catch for you is that you gain access to new features before they are officially released, but as it's a pre-release, there's always a change that there's still some bugs left in the program.

You're expected to report possible bugs and give comments and suggestions that are used to fine-tune the new features to the official version.

Once you've signed up

The beta tests are usually carried out a couple of weeks before the new version is officially released. Those who have signed up and have been accepted as beta testers will receive an info email that contains:
  • Basic info about beta test and new features
  • Detailed instructions how you can setup the beta test environment
  • Info about reporting bugs and giving comments
  • And a download link for the distribution file of the beta version
A single beta test phase usually requires 2-5 beta releases. That's about the number of emails that you'll receive during the phase.

Signing up as beta tester

You can volunteer to mIRCStats beta test with the following form. Fill it carefully to ensure that you'll be accepted to the beta test group.
Fill out the following info ONLY if you already know mIRCStats basics and
you have time to send back comments and bug reports
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Sign-ups are manually filtered.
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Thanks for volunteering!

Resigning from the beta test group

You can leave the beta test list any time by filling your email address (same address that you used when signing up) into the following field.
Enter your email address here to leave the mIRCStats beta test group
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